Support our missionaries as they spread the love of Christ worldwide, transforming lives and bridging cultures. Your financial contributions and prayers enable them to make a global impact, bringing hope to communities in need and advancing God's kingdom. Join us in this vital mission of sharing God's love and changing lives across borders.

Strasbourg, France

“The Frerot family” Daniel, Tammy & their two daughters are committed to the work in Strasbourg.  They are small in number; with good visitor interest from the community.  This work  has it’s challenges. We’re closely monitoring the stability of this work.

Keller, Virginia

Brother Marc Lee continues to do a good work with this small congregation on the eastern shore of Virginia. They’re facing many challenges. We continue to support their vision.

Halls Harbor Road Church of Christ
Harbringer, N.C. (formerly the Seaside / Nags Head Church of Christ)

Volunteer Speakers / Teachers from nearby Hampton Roads Area (VA) have filled-in weekly. A transition is underway with Supporting Churches in effort to finalize the oversight and future of this work. 

Commonwealth Church of Christ - Manila, Philippines

Jann Diamante, Frank & Nila Ingles’ son-in-law, is the preacher for this congregation and is doing a good work.  Frank & Nila have returned to the Philippines and now labor with this work. 

Hispanic Missions

In cooperation with the Three Chopt congregation and the Southwest congregation, Cawson Street is an integral sponsor of the Hispanic Mission Outreach in Metro-Richmond / Henrico / Chesterfield VA. In Spring–2016, Brother Hector Fernandez and his wife, Mariam, began laboring with this Mission. Hector has been preaching for 29 years. He graduated from a Church of Christ Bible College (South America). He has also served as Director of the College. He has a history of “church growth” in all areas where he has worked. They have been a true blessing. Their teaching has resulted in several baptisms; hosted a seminar, “Order in Your Home”, with 100+ guests & speakers from other Hispanic congregations in Raleigh, Goldsboro, Winston-Salem, Harrisonburg, & MD; developed an active Teen Group; weekly Bible studies with members, their families & friends.

Scandicci/ Florence, Italy
Relocated from Galway, Ireland

The Galway church was a relatively new work and certainly new to us. Scott and Rebecca Shanahan & daughter were the second missionary family to staff this work. It’s oversight was by the Clinton Church of Christ (Clinton, TN). There were about six members; plus several regular visitors / families (mostly Nigerians).  nfortunately, due to government regulations the congregation was forced to close. The Shanahan’s have relocated to Scandicci, Italy. The Margaret Street church, Milton, FL, is the  sponsoring congregation.       

Partners – 4 – Africa

For nearly twenty (20) years we have gladly partnered with our Beloved Brother Dorian Flynn in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. Our members lovingly support Dorian and Cherrie in their mission efforts. We’ve prepared hundreds of “back-packs” for the school children. Our Crafters have organized efforts to send Bibles, handmade dresses and other items for the children. It is our hope that someday a team of our members can travel to Zimbabwe to serve during a mission campaign.

World Christian Broadcasting

Several years ago we befriended Andy Baker. He is the President / CEO of World Christian Broadcasting. Please visit at They are based in Franklin, TN. WCB is a non-profit organization supported by concerned Christians whose purpose is to take God’s Word --- through mass media --- to people who may have no other means of hearing the Good News. We joyfully support WCB’s efforts.