What to Expect When Visiting

Welcome to Cawson Street church of Christ, where we strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for all who seek to grow in their faith and connect with others on their spiritual journey.

  • Sunday Morning Service. When you visit us, you can expect a worship experience that is rooted in biblical teachings and focused on glorifying God. Our worship services consist of acapella singing, public prayers led by men of the congregation, sharing the Lord's Supper by baptized believers, taking up an offering to further to work of the church, and hearing a message grounded in God's Word. We average around 120 in attendance on Sundays. 
  • Sunday Bible Classes. Before our worship service begins, we offer engaging Bible study opportunities for every age group. Our children's ministries cater to toddlers, elementary, middle school, and high school students, utilizing age-appropriate curriculum such as the Bible Study Guide for All Ages and resources from Lads 2 Leaders. Through interactive lessons, activities, and discussions, we aim to instill a love for God's Word and equip our young ones with a strong foundation in faith. For our young adults, college-aged individuals, and young couples, we provide a supportive community and meaningful discussions in our dedicated young adult class. Additionally, we offer specialized classes for ladies and men, led by experienced teachers who guide participants in exploring various aspects of Christian living and discipleship.
  • Wednesday Bible Classes. Our commitment to spiritual growth extends beyond Sunday worship, as we gather midweek for Wednesday Bible Study. On Wednesday nights, we meet in the auditorium for a period of singing, prayer, and a brief message before dismissing children to their classes. Adults stay in the auditorium for a time of Bible study. With our youth, we continue to utilize resources from Lads 2 Leaders to facilitate engaging and enriching learning experiences that deepen our understanding of Scripture and strengthen our relationship with God. 
  • Sunday Evening Service. We also meet together each Sunday evening. On the first and third Sundays, we meet in small groups throughout the region for study and fellowship. On the second and fourth Sundays, we all meet at the building on Cawson Street for a more traditional time of worship. Communion is available at each of these meetings for those unable to participate earlier in the day. 

Whether you're a longtime believer or exploring faith for the first time, we invite you to join us at Cawson Street church of Christ and experience the love of Christ in our community. We look forward to welcoming you and journeying together in faith.

Schedule of Services

We offer a variety of services. Our weekly schedule includes a Sunday Bible study, Sunday morning and evening services, and Wednesday Bible study  We also offer community small groups every first and third Sunday evening to give opportunity for our congregation to study, worship, and fellowship in a more intimate setting, reminiscent of the house churches of the first century, leading to increased connection. We invite you to explore our service schedule and find a time that fits your needs!

Sunday Morning Services
10:00 AM
Bible Class
11:00 AM
Worship Service
Sunday Evening Services
6:00 PM
2nd & 4th Worship Service
(Time depends on group)
1st & 3rd Small Groups
Wednesday Service
7:00 PM  Bible Class

Therefore accept one another, just as Christ has accepted you, in order to bring praise to God."

(Romans 15:7)